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​Bela Papp is an international level figure skater. He is a Finnish National Team member and represents Finland across the World at various events. He has won the Finnish Junior title 2 times as well as the Finnish Sr. National title in 2011. Papp has represented Finland in numerous Junior Grand Prix events (JGP) as well as in 4 World Junior Championships and in the Senior World Championships in the year 2011. In 2012 Papp placed in 3rd place at the Finnish National Championships. He missed the following season due to a lower back injury which needed surgery in his l5 region. After taking a full break from training for 8 months to recover from the surgery, Papp placed 3rd at the Finnish Sr. National Championships(2014). Papp currently resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada where he trains with Bruno Delmaestro and Kelly Champagne.​